Message from the Directors of Ashmole international Academy

Hello Parent/Guardians

Welcome to the Ashmole International Academy School Home Learning Platform.

This platform has been set up to provide interim education provision whilst we wait for the directive from the Government about the next steps and when school will be opened.

The Corona Virus has creates unintended disruption to education and the advice from the Ghana Government is to:

STAY at Home
Wash your hands regularly with soap/sanitiser.

Parents will need to support their children with online learning to make sure that children are confident in their learning

For the latest information please refer to the Ghana Ministry of information to find out what is happening in Ghana to avoid misinformation

Ghana Ministry of Information Facebook

Ghana Ministry of Information Website

Ghana Ministry of Information twitter

Ghana Ministry of Information Instagram

The Director of Ashmole will be sending information via text and whatsApp.

We will have staff available everyday from 7:30 - 10:30 to assist with getting school work and other enquiries ( after the locked down)

School office: 030 397 1142 or 0240 250 908

Below are links to some information about Corona virus (COVID -19)

This is challenging times for everybody but we WILL over this with unity

Thank you

The Directors of Ashmole International Academy